Spring Clean

So Spring is here, I think?
Time for some clearing out.
I've come to realise just how much random and un-necessary stuff I have around, and I am keen to live with less, or at least fewer items which are nicer or mean more to me.
I want to de-clutter majorly.

I spent today putting items into 3 piles: BIN, CHARITY SHOP and SELL.
It was strangely therapeutic, and I got round to sorting some boxes of mine which have been sitting in the garage for a long time and gone un-sorted. I also rather dramatically cut down my wardrobe to stuff I actually wear.


I've decided to set up a Depop account (which is an app like Instagram but you can buy the stuff), to sell some things that I have fallen out of love with or don't use anymore.
Some of these things might suit you perfectly - so it's worth checking out. 
I will give a discount to Instagram followers too (just message me your Instagram username via Depop). If you have any questions, just message me on Depop or comment on an item, and if you don't have Depop yet you are welcome to just send me a message via Instagram / Twitter etc if there is an item you fancy etc.
(download Depop for android here, and for Apple here)
I would love to get rid of most of it within this week!

Cleansing for face & body

I have been trying to "cleanse" not just my space, but my body too. Best things right now have been: long showers, baths with bath salts, going for jogs/runs (I started doing Park Run), a good skincare routine, and taking care of my health a bit more.

Room spray & smells

Currently using: AirWick plug-in air freshener in Vanilla Bean & candles in vanilla
Often use: Botanics Relaxing Lavender Space and Pillow Spray
Would like to try: Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Mist   & Neals Yard Home Fragrance

Empties -

(Empty bottles / boxes)

This is all the absolute rubbish which I have used up recently ("beauty"-wise), and I just find it absolutely shocking how much packaging is used for these products, and how much "stuff" we (okay, maybe I only speak for myself here because this is probably excessive but) -in genera- use, and how much waste it produces.

I'm going to try to cut down, or find a way to re-fill bottles. But I know that just I alone can't really make a difference. Real difference will happen on an institutional / political / international / policy level. However, I'm going to try to be a bit more aware, and a little bit more careful.

As well as that, I think it will make my brain feel alot less cluttered if I have alot less "stuff" around me. I don't need all of it, and I am trying to transform my living space into something much more functional and minimal.
Heart It


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